California Man Sentenced for Buying a Chemical Weapon on the Darkweb

A previous PayPal worker living in California was condemned to 71 months in jail for attempting to buy a substance weapon on the darkweb in a bombed plan to kill his better half. Sandford Faison, on darkweb discussions, looked for counsel on utilizing a particular concoction to kill his better half and bought the compound from a covert government operator.

FBI hazmat team

As uncovered in the criminal grumbling, Faison never came into contact with a seller of synthetic weapons. Rather, as indicated by FBI Special Agent Emily Sung, Faison had contacted an “Online Covert Employee” (OCE) of the FBI who had been publicizing the unknown substance weapon on an undefined darkweb commercial center.

  • In an evident reaction to the OCE’s notice or posting for the synthetic weapon, Faison solicited, “what number of vials of [toxic chemical] do you have left? Is the bundling subtle, or do you use peril names?” Responses from the OCE to Faison were redacted from the court archives to secure insightful strategies and any progressing examination (this is likewise the levelheaded for the redacted commercial center name, compound name, and record names utilized by all gatherings included).

On December 15, 2018, Faison requested and bought one 10ml vial of the [toxic chemical] and mentioned shipment to a location in Oakland. In late December, the OCE gave Faison a USPS following number for the bundle just as guidelines for finding the ampoule. Faison reacted to the message, saying he “comprehended about the toy truck area,” showing that the FBI had utilized preferable stealth over numerous darkweb merchants.

  • On a different darkweb discussion, law authorization recognized a gathering client requesting data on utilizing the synthetic he had obtained from the OCE.

The post that warned law implementation:

I plan to guarantee my better half’s demise inside the year and a half, in a perfect world long after our separation is finished (around 6-8 months from now). This is the main way I can start another existence with full care of my kid. We right now live respectively, and I hope to have(easy) access to her condition and nourishment for an additional 2 months in any event.

Notwithstanding an infinitesimal disaster protection strategy (under $30K) and a petulant however affable division, I’m mindful that I’d be an essential suspect in the event that she to such an extent as slipped on a banana strip. I feel that[chemical #1] harming would decrease my culpability by postponing a last/exact finding and undermine any examination.

I’m no scientific expert however I am careful and understanding; I likewise have a different area to blend synthetic substances. I’ve come to comprehend that I need dissolvable [chemical #1], of which there have all the earmarks of being numerous adequate mixes.

The following are a few inquiries where I could utilize your understanding and counsel.


1-) What’s the most straightforward dissolvable [chemical #1] intensify that can pass-through the blood mind hindrance?

2)Would it be able to be gotten from home store items, similar to CH3)2CO, turpentine, and so on.?

[Material Redacted from Original]

3-)What is the formula and procedure for making [redacted]

4-) Which and where does one get the required microorganisms? Do I simply seal it with fermented tea for a couple of days?

5-)Would it be advisable for me to try attempting to remove ~5g of [chemical redacted] or simply purchase (more than I need) on the web?

6-) Any thoughts for an unknown mail drop?

  • Faison’s post included solicitations for recommended conveyance techniques just as inquiries regarding general wellbeing. Another client remarked, asking where Faison had bought the substance.

Faison answered:

An outstanding commercial center. You can locate a few here web-markets-joins/

On January 8, 2019, the FBI directed a controlled conveyance and dropped the bundle off at a Faison’s location. After four hours, a secret electronic activating gadget put inside the bundle by the FBI flagged that the substance of the bundle had been opened. After this electronic sign was gotten by the FBI, the OCE got a message from Faison. Faison told the OCE that the bundle had arrived securely.

One hour after Faison had opened the bundle, the FBI assaulted the house and captured Faison. After FBI SA Sung had perused Faison his Miranda rights, Faison still demonstrated that he needed to converse with the FBI. During the resulting video-recorded meeting, Faison admitted to FBI SA Sung that he had bought the harmful concoction on a darkweb commercial center utilizing cryptographic money. Faison said that he needed to have the substance close by to use on his significant other

Faison portrayed his conduct as “planned.” Faison additionally conceded that before acquiring the [toxic chemical], he had considered employing a hired gunman on the Dark Web to use against his significant other. Faison expressed that he presumed that procuring a hired gunman ‘would be as costly as getting a separation,’ so he deserted that arrangement. Faison additionally expressed that the [toxic chemical] would cause his wife’s, passing after their separation.

Faison additionally conceded that he had posted the inquiries on the darkweb discussion.

U.S. Area Judge Haywood S. Gilliam condemned Faison to 71 months in jail for intentionally getting, accepting, owning, holding, having, utilizing or taking steps to utilize, any synthetic weapon, or endeavoring to do as such. A multi year time of regulated discharge will pursue the jail sentence.

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