Dark Web Markets 2019-2020

dark web markets
Dark Web Markets 2019-2020

There are many kinds of markets with different management styles in the darkweb markets. These markets are in layer, you can check the list of markets connected by tor via… link.

On the first of the layers you can get a lot of products from darkweb such as special drugs, credit card information, drugs, and similar superficial products. In the second and third tiers, there are the shooter, child slaves, citizenship for some countries, large illegal bank accounts and the last layer is still under development and does not have a special section.

Within these markets, each country has developed within its own country. Russian markets in Russian language only to the Russian country, Germany in their own language and General Markets to the world because the English appeals to the most users of the US country and the UK and Australia is followed the US. In these countries, taking drugs from the dark web market is very common and continues to be accepted by the public. You can also provide weapons and trigger services, provided that it is specific to the United States.

 In 2016 by the spread of personal data through the web of dark Feto terrorist organization of citizens living in Turkey were carried out published on this platform.

In 2019, the world-famous hotel chain JW marriott’s personal data was stolen and published again.

In 2018, two different dark web market owners were assassinated in Russia and this was officially reflected in the Russian police reports.

In 2016-2017-2018, private citizenship services from 8 different European countries were sold through bitcoin.

In 2019, police operations were carried out in several markets after the arrest of a user who bought drugs from the darkweb market, and many drug dealers and market owners were arrested.

Darkweb Market Package Opening

Dark Web Package Opening
Dark Web Package Opening

When you order a product from dark web market, the transportation time varies according to the country you are in. You can clarify this period by learning from the vendors that they send it to the country you are in. This period usually starts with 3 days and lasts up to 50 days.

If you do not like it when you receive the product delivery or the product you received it is not the product you ordered, you can go to your payment page and notify your company with the ticket, your money you pay fort he product will be returned to you exactly. the purpose of this event is to eliminate the fraud incident in terms of everyone. Firstly, your payment is made to the company and the merchant will ship your product, after you make sure that the product is your product, you can transfer your payment to the other party or ask to cancel your payment. Your money is never transferred to the seller until your cargo arrives. This is true for almost all darkweb markets.

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